eBrand Commerce provides a full service e-commerce solution for brands to sell direct on the Internet. eBrand Commerce offers a unique approach dedicated to the Beauty, Fashion and Luxury markets.


eBrand Commerce is an all-encompassing eCommerce service provider offering: online store from design and development to ongoing operations, digital marketing, customer service and logistics. The company is strategically positioned on leading International markets.

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    • Design, Development, Integration
    • Support, operations, management
    • Optimize your conversion rate
    • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
    • Increase average order value
    • Engage repeat orders

    Online Store

    • Local expertise US and EU
    • Specific integration with China and South America
    • Multi-languages et multi-currencies
    • Multi-Tax systems and Fraud management
    • Delivery to over 60 countries


    • Acquisition campaigns
    • Loyalty programs
    • Social Networks
    • Search Engine Management (Google Partner)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Email campaigns
    • Affiliate Network Management
    • Market Places and Comparison Engines

    Digital Marketing

    • Customer Service
    • Phone, email, chat
    • Store, Pick, Pack and Ship
    • Return Management


    • Multidevice design
    • Magento and Shopify expertise
    • Cloud Hosting
    • IT Security Administration
    • Fraud management
    • Operational support to merchants



A Multi-Channel World

eBrand Commerce was created 10 years ago based on the vision that all brands will sell direct at some point at least on Internet in addition to its other distribution channels. This vision now reality and eBrand Commerce brings its expertise to implement it in your communication, customer experience and your operations on your channels. Multi-channel customers are buying 30% more of a brand than single-channel customers!

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  • Web Client


Our team members are seasoned professionals with proven track records in the eCommerce industry, and they have led major brand or retailer site launches and re-launches. All members have International experience, leaved in different countries and speak various languages. Here are our top executives leading our company to excellence: